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Packages for PTC sites.

Packages contain hosting and free domain. All sites do not have access to hosting. The PTC Admin has no access to the hosting, he will get an FTP account to make the changes he wants. I will do the rest of the settings as a hosting admin.

You can buy directly your ptc site, we offer you free installation, hosting, web domain and logo. 

Your PTC site will be up and running within 72 hours of the date of payment, it will include your package. We do not provide support for creating banners. You do it or order them from those who deal with them.


You only receive login scripts as admin and one FTP account to modify text or design pictures!

Prices are displayed in the picture on a single month for the maximum duration of the contract (48 months). In case of non-payment, your site PTC will be suspended. If you wish to renew your contract, you must pay by one month of the expiration date! Free domain hosting and hosting packages are made for at least 12 months. All packets of ptc will only be bought by PayPal, Perfect Money or Payeer .

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Before buying a package, fill in the spaces with the name of the design and the domain you want!

Choose a design name from Here

Choose a domain name from Here

If you want more addons for site click Here  and buy what you need! The extra addons will be added on your site PTC by me.

The design or addons you bought can no longer be changed. If you want another design for your site you have to buy it. And changes to the logo will make contractibility. Please read all this TOS site before you buy the products.

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate for a PTC site costs 12 USD. It is paid separately for those who want this protection. This is valid throughout the contract and is paid only once!

It can only be bought together with one of our packages. Packages do not include this product!

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All products contain an added valuation fee of 10%!


Your Free Domain Name
Your Free Design Name
Your Free Domain Name
Your Free Design Name


Your Free Domain Name
Your Free Design Name
Your Free Domain Name
Your Free Design Name


Your Free Domain Name
Your Free Design Name
Your Free Domain Name
Your Free Design Name

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